Dr Greers closing speech "Disclosure Project"

Andy Bell

by Andy Bell


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Take The Extraterrestrials , Ufo's , Ifo's ( Identified Flying Objects), The 10 % True Abductions cases, Victims and death caused by ufo's very very serious ! It happen in your own backyard, in your Country and abroad. This is a STAGE Of Collective Awareness. The 10 % True abductions cases are all violation of the laws. You have to be Fair to the facts , otherwise you won't have any idea what's going on or understanding the whole phenomena.

First you have to know where You or We Are.
After the Creation The Mankind or The Human Beings were blessed with The Words : "Go And Multiply and Populate The Whole EARTH " . It means You Are at Home. Its Your Place. All Human Beings and their descendants are Free to Go and Stand wherever they want.
Is it an International Phenomena? Yes
Are the Extraterrestrials Friendly ? According to the 10 % True Abductions cases and the Victims
and death caused by the ufo's NO

Kind regards,
By F22NEWSUN 5 years ago