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    Hopalong Cassidy in Lumberjack, Western Cowboy Gunfighter

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    One of the best entries in the long running “Hopalong Cassidy” series, Lumberjack is another classic from William Boyd playing the famous cowboy hero. Shot in the beautiful California with plenty of redwoods in the area, Lumberjack features a lively Cassidy riding proudly and always doing the right thing as a clean cut cowboy. The trouble concerns a young widow whose husband was murdered for the rights to a large timber estate. Cassidy takes a liking to the damsel in distress and works to reveal the assassins. Fortunately, plenty of gunfights become necessary! Lumberjack is a straightforward story from a straightforward cowboy, and this quality is what made Hopalong Cassidy as identifiable a Wild West star as Gene Autry and Roy Rogers.