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    Bob Steele Western Movies: Last of the Warrens on DVD

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    Though Bob Steele had a long and illustrious career as a movie cowboy, his finest performances always came when his father Robert Bradbury was directing. Last of the Warrens is the perfect showcase for the success of this familial collaboration, offering up a beautiful combination of directorial touch and spirited acting. Bob Steele stars as Ted Warren, a young man who returns home from World War I, only to find that everyone in town believed him dead! Steele soon learns of the sinister plots against himself and his family, erupting in a vicious fit of violence against his assailants. Veteran western villain Charles King plays the evil mustached man to a T, and his fistfights with Steele are memorably energetic, realistic, and intense. Last of the Warrens is a fiery adventure in the Old West, well worth a gander.