UNICEF Bringing child-friendemote areas in Turkmenistan

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In the desert oasis of Kunya Urgench, students are learning to break down barriers that could threaten their future.Their school is one of 20 across Turkmenistan taking part in a pilot program to make schools healthier and more equipped to give children a better education. With support from UNICEF, District School Number One offers students a resource center complete with a computer, dictionaries, games and puzzles. Itís part of an effort to make schools in Turkmenistan ìchild-friendly:î creating classroom environments that boost learning and respect childrenís rights and needs. In addition to offering special training for teachers, UNICEF and the Turkmenistan government are working to ensure that schools have clean and healthy water and sanitation facilitiesÖ a key improvement in a region where less than 30 percent of rural schools have safe sources of drinking water, and where heavy dust from the Karakum desert blows through for up to nine months a year.

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