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    C.S. Lewis


    by Parousia555



    yawn, negligible
    By Parousia5556 years ago
    Part A
    In reality, you didn’t just get some of your “facts screwed up,” but almost all of them. Here are the rest of my notes on your “dissertation”:

    You vaguely refer to the “C.S. Lewis writings” and don’t even state their actual titles. When you say “Complete Christianity,” do you mean “Mere Christianity”? When you say the “Tales of Narnia,” are you speaking on the children’s series entitled “The Chronicles of Narnia”?

    As is obvious by the title, “Mere Christianity” wasn’t meant to be a great theological treatise, but a very basic introduction to Christian thought. As for “The Chronicles of Narnia,” they are specifically meant for children.
    By JM_Douglas6 years ago
    Part B
    Perhaps, rather than attacking easy targets, someone of your obvious intelligence could attack something that has a little bit more “meat” to it. For philosophy, try “The Abolition of Man” or “Miracles.” For fiction, maybe “The Great Divorce” or “The Space Trilogy.” The latter has been recommended by Science-Fiction novelist Arthur C. Clarke. And seeing how Lewis’s actual occupation involved literary criticism, you could pick up “A Preface to Paradise Lost” or “English Literature in the Sixteenth Century Excluding Drama.” These last mentioned might change your mind about his writings not being “highly academic or scholastic.”

    When you refer to “Cambury University,” do you actually mean Cambridge University? In 1954, Lewis was unanimously elected to the “Chair of Medieval and Renaissance Literature” at Cambridge.
    By JM_Douglas6 years ago
    Part C
    When you say that “Gerder(?)” wrote “Faust,” are you actually trying to refer to Johann Wolfgang von Goethe? One of the most famous versions of the story is authored by him. Another well-known version is Christopher Marlowe’s “Doctor Faustus.” Also, when you say that Mephistopheles is a “caricature” in “Faust” do you actually mean that he is a character in “Faust”?

    You state that Hudson Taylor was part of “the first United States or American mission to China.” In actuality, Hudson Taylor was British and founded the “China Inland Mission.”

    Coming back to Charles Wesley, his writings consist of primarily hymns, so which of his works are you suggesting “ramble on and say a lot of nothing”? Were you, in reality, trying to refer to the writings of his brother, John Wesley?
    By JM_Douglas6 years ago
    Part D
    The only people you don’t seem to state any factual errors about are Hannah Hurnard, St. John of the Cross, Watchman Nee, Kenneth Hagin, (E.W.?) Kenyon, and Henry David Thoreau. You appear to be correct about these people only because you hardly mention anything about them other than their names.

    Maybe it would be a good idea for you to go do some actual research before you start talking about things that you appear to know absolutely nothing about. You can feel free to “make no apologies” about your “dissertation,” but at the end of the day, your “evidence” does not support your conclusions. How about you make a second video and we can go from there?

    - Jared
    By JM_Douglas6 years ago
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