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    Ep 1 Partie 1 Les Missions de Chanee, Kalaweit

    Chanee A.B. Chanee

    oleh Chanee A.B. Chanee

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    « Les Missions de Chanee », Première partie
    Voici le premier volet d’une série que les amis de Kalaweit vont pouvoir découvrir toutes les semaines !
    Le premier épisode est un film en 6 parties (10 minutes chacune). Suivez donc la saga avec une nouvelle partie toutes les semaines pendant 6 semaines !
    Vivez ainsi les aventures du projet Kalaweit comme jamais…
    Le concept de cette série à vocation d’être présenté aux chaînes françaises… A bon entendeur…
    La suite et +d'info sur :
    « Chanee’s Missions », Part 1
    This is the first part –each part is 10 minutes long- of the French serial: “Les Missions de Chanee”. This is an exclusivity of this blog for all the Kalaweit friends, so you can watch the daily activities of Kalaweit with a new episode every week during 6 weeks.
    This is a French serial, but I will give you a resume in English for each episode, so you can understand it.

    English Resume. « Les Missions de Chanee Ep 1, Part 1 »
    In Palangka Raya, I get a call from the Kalaweit team at the project. A Python try to kill one of our gibbons, and the team catches him. I need to go to the project to tag the python and release him far away from the project, in the south of the Hampapak Reserve. I have to go to the project with the Kalaweit speed-boat. On the way, impact of the deforestation is clearly visible… Some river gets brown because of the erosion and loggers send the logs all over the river… But the engine stop and I get stuck in the middle of nowhere…
    At the project I find the team with the python. Every year 3 to 4 pythons come close to the project trying to kill our animals. This python can easily kill a human and eat a child of 4 to 5 years old. I did find in the paste a python who was eating a wild pig...
    To be continued…

    deuxieme partie / second part