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    That Da Da Strain - Stumptown Jazz 2002

    bob erwig

    by bob erwig

    That Da Da Strain – Stumptown Jazz 2002
    One of these tunes that came in a bit on the fast side, but then, if you haven’t played it at least for over a year, I found it still amazing that we pulled it off reasonably well. It is one of the standards of Muggsy Spanier’s Great Sixteen he recorded in 1939 and I am glad we got it in our youtube and dailymotion collections.
    This was well filmed by a serious amateur who focussed in on the individuals during solos at the right time and did so for the full duration of the concert with superb concentration. Our thanks to that man! It was all done at one of the Portland Dixieland Jazz Society's Sunday dance afternoons.
    In the band leader Gary Peterson on piano with Bob Erwig trumpet, Phil Hatton clarinet, Rex Rice trombone, Dave Brown banjo, John Wallin tuba and Bill Franklin drums.