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    Let me call You Sweetheart - Stumptown Jazz 2002

    bob erwig

    by bob erwig

    Let me Call You Sweetheart -- Stumptown Jazz 2002
    Usually a waltz but we with Stumptown know it as a foxtrot as well and it is most suitable for the aging dance crowd we had to play for at Portland Dixieland Jazz Society's Sunday dance afternoon. At the end of the tune you can actually see these jazz seniors doing their careful steps.
    Our reedman Phil Hatton has grabbed his altosaxophone and plays a very creative solo. I like the simple pianosolo by our leader Gary Peterson especially with the accompaniment of guitarist Dave Brown who gives an excellent example how a four string guitar can sound. Eddie Condon did so as well, but unfortunately could never be heard clearly on any of his famous recordings.
    The other members in the band are Rex Rice on trombone, John Walling on the upright bass, Bill Franklin drums ansd lucky me, Bob Erwig, this time on trumpet. I always have imaginary dreams of having trouble crossing the border into the beautiful USA, where the border guards often seem to treat you like a possible gangster. Especially if you have a case under your arm with a horn in it. I guess this time I borrowed the trumpet from a local musician.
    What I like about this band that they can switch from the Westcoast revival style with banjo and tuba to the Eastcoast revival styles with guitar and bass. We lost quite a few of these aging jazz fans who have trouble to adjust to these style changes. Unfortunately their minds are set towards one style approach only. "Just too bad" King Oliver would say.