Legends Of Wrestling (Monday Night Wars) (1-6)


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Phil McConnochie
Bischoff will remain for me th best wcw made me watch wrestling again , then wcw finished then i was over th bulshit 'wwe' wwf was ok but then wwe was shit and still shit.
Bischoff is lying like shit saying he and Ted DIDN'T have the ultimate goal of putting Vince McMahon & the WWF out of business. And they came Damn close to doing so in 97, then the Montreal Screwjob came, then the top 2 selling babyfaces EVER saved that company. we could just as easily be sitting here talking about how WCW put the then WWF out of business. And I wish they had cuz the WWE. has single handedly ruined the business. can't even say Wrestling or Wrestler on a God Damn Wrestling program? No, it's Sports Entertainment and Superstar, Gimmie a break.
By LivEviL13312 years ago
Great job of uploading these videos, I am thankful that you put your time in doing this
By ZackPaget222 years ago
Good work gettin these mate. I'bve been trying to find these on youtube for months. Nice 1.
By MrBeastwaa5 years ago
OMG, I can't believe you people are going for Biscoff's sh*t (jfutch1). The problem is Hayes is too emotional about the whole era and can comes off unintelligent, whereas Bischoff has been called out on his bullsh*t so often that he has a friggin' Phd in defending himself. He's such a politician. Sure he contributed a bunch to wrestling, but he also contributed to it's downfall with a number of things he didn't or didn't know to do. He had the number one company at one time, and now the company doesn't even exist?
By tommydermot6 years ago
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