Pokemon ruby mirage island

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Mizuchi Orochi
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Ok people , i'm sick of fake video and stupid tricks and especially The stupid zigzagoon , all of thoes did never work , and now here's the real thing , there is two ways to get to mirage island , the easy way (my way) and the impossible way (sensetive pokémon way) with the impossible way you have 1/8415 chance that the old man tell you that he can see mirage island so you can go there and with my way you have 1/1 chance to get there wich mean 100% so here's my way <<<<<<<

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Merci pour la video hihi . ..
Par shriyalbabe133 il y a 4 ans
You're channel is unique. btw check out my pics!! !
Par amalia88 il y a 4 ans
; hihihi ça me plait!
Par eleacrleiae il y a 4 ans
il a utilé lactionreplay je parie
Par tix68 il y a 6 ans
Rappelle Max: Rappelle Max peut ressussiter un Pokémon et en même temps Rappelle max Soigne le Pokémon
Par Solid-Shadow il y a 6 ans
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