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    by 305KEEPITLIVE

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    Rich Mundo
    I need an Amazon aka Amazin Girl like Wendy Williams, U know Make them Midgets Stretch, Packages in THe LEX, In Front of White Folks She Mild Mannered and Very Enthusiastic, When She Get To the Crib Slip Off The 5 G Wig,(CHECK YES) and Let Me Chief My Weed, No Greed, But The Brain Keep Working Like Mexicans Drinking Monster, This That Energy, Where The Power In Georgia, I can't Tell The Devil Lost, Plenty of these Devils walking round with Shepards Like Martin Luther King Jr. Really left Us, The Dream didn't Die, But My Patience Did, I aint Waiting On White Bitches Literally or Physically, Got That Brown Boy, NO HOMO, But I Dont Do PROMO ask PABLO, BLOW THRU ONE SEASON WITH OCHO, NOT CINCO, BUT GUAP EY, Like Dorado, Yall CHECK THE MOVADO, BAD MAN LIKE BEENIE MAN, YALL SOME BEEN hEADS MANE, I m not GUCCI MANE, BUT I OWN GUCCI, ROCK VERSACE WHEN IM HOT LIKE A MOVIE, BUT IM LOOKING FOR BAD BOYS< KEEP THE BENTLY IM GOOD IN THAT MEECH SERIES< IM SERIOUS! HOW U DOING?
    By Rich Mundo6 years ago
    Rich Mundo
    Trick, what they know bout coming thru okefenokee, Hoping Gators Sleep, Good Gator, nothing sweet, Niggas I met after my Dudes Died, Thank they know my life, Boy gets Geechie Like South Carolina, U dont hear me? Im Automatic yall revolvers, Same cycle and money still don't come out clean, Bitch I maintain, GIA, Okay Dog, My Nigga Fuck small figgers, or niggas with hesitant triggers, We can't wait for these fuck boys to get lucky, not like luciano or Pac in Poetic, no Justice, Its Just Us, Black Boys on the Map, Work WIth Me, Yall Juniors, Time to go to bed, So say goodnite, Hand u that paper In front of MJ, Yall A I, so yall survived? Whats one crossover to 6 plus, Shit looking worse than an Audi, Im Outti, Derail the train, Maintain the Game, Last Donk to Miami, we with it, From the Triangle to Duval, to Duval Street, Whasshappenin, From Yams to Gun Play, that JJ REDICK, WE RED EYE like Biggie, ITS YALL WARNING!
    By Rich Mundo6 years ago