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    Calle Ocho Feat. Fat Joe, Dj Khaled, Boy Wonder, DJ Willie

    Antonio Otalvaro

    by Antonio Otalvaro

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    calle 8 miami ok
    By JULIOANGEL5 years ago
    Crissy Peake
    Wish I could have been there.
    By Crissy Peake6 years ago
    Rich Mundo
    I don't Make it Rain, I make it thunderstorm, All my sisters light so they look like lighting. But They aint AKAs cause I Sped thru college like Rick Ross Did It, I didnt drop out like Kanye or enjoy it Like Asher, I was managing work from bone aka The RIch Nizzel Ricky Ross, Not the nigga in Jail, The Nigga who got that bail Money, I dont wanna own a Maybach, but I listen to that Music, Im in the Beamer, Yall Call me Gucci and Call him Poochie, But I let my Dogs Shit all over the house wheter clean and dirty, and dare that woman not to pick it up. Yall throwing down Paper Towels Like White Flags, But I go way harder than Baghdad, Im Abu Dhabi and Im not hearing that shit they talking about retreating before the job is done, I like My Money Quick Like the Arena Lebron Play In, But I don't do the loans, so if u give it too me and I hear A moan, Its On, If I Give it To You and u Act Like U Me and Bust ya shit real quick, then make u apologize like Dick Made his Lawyer. Haliburton Money!
    By Rich Mundo7 years ago
    That looked like the place to be !
    By NUVOtv7 years ago