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    ZapRoot 029 | Yummy Plastic Soup


    by ViroPOP

    The Gyre or Pacific Garbage Patch is a swirling vortex of trash and we have some expert in to talk about it. We also cover some green video games. Algalita Marine Research Foundation Power Up IBM Food Force CO2FX Adventure Ecology Steer Madness Glupod Fatworld Eco Games Suggested by Viewer: Joshua Lefkowitz show tags gyre, vortex, pacific garbage patch, plastic, nike, rubber duck,, plastic soup, marine life, marine debris, video games, gamer, power up, ibm, solar, wind, water, food force, co2fx, adventure ecology, steer madness, glupod, sims, fatworld most popular tags zaproot viropop green series environment video podcast webisode eco pop culture next new networks free autobloggreen videos new stories cool cars online tv news clips earth day web auto interior design ideas going green sustainability ideas earth grist report water pollution channel solar wind alternative treehugger power geothermal energy oil fossil fuels local health greenpeace plants bike bicycle ocean weird greenhouse effect ecogeek global warming climate change worldchanging urban products fair trade coffee inhabitat water cycle shortage twisted humor cfl wacky an inconvenient truth conscious reuse environmental activism organic freecycle