Ai7 Top11 Part6 Carly

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I hated the song but i liked the way she explained her song choice. Even so Carly was much better the week before this one.
By Ugoeze 6 years ago
You know people are pregnant from their eyes?Dude, that's a fucked up gift. LMAO When they gave powers away, weren't there any more cool? Like flying or making fire from nothing? Know people are pregnant from their eyes is not very useful LOl
By Oryin 6 years ago
Carly was fantastic... awesome... ummmm I don't know why but.. when I saw her eyes, I think that she is pregnant O_O
By vanzekin 6 years ago
Her voice was great in this song - the arrangement was perfect for Carly!
By Gifford125 6 years ago
beautiful eyes!!!
By vickyvicks0 6 years ago