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    I've got news for you, US_Marine_Hoorah, Superman is Canadian. Created and conceived by a Canadian. He represents the fight of good against evil. It is tenuous at best to compare him to the mythical Superman of Nietzsche and how it relates to America. But if you must compare them then let's look at the American actors who portrayed Superman. One was shot to death and Christopher Reeves ended up a quadriplegic who met an untimely death. Even his wife died early of cancer. I'll let you draw your own conclusions on that. As for Einstein. he was a pacifist who was very outspoken in his anti-war views. That quote is actually speaking out against people like you and in no way is supportive of anything that you stand for. Either you're deliberately trying to mislead or you're really that ignorant that you don't know or understand what Einstein was talking about and what he stood for. I guess they don't call you jarheads for nothing.
    By Mariposa20145 years ago
    Dear US_Marine_Hoorah,
    No Comments?
    This is the best compilation of Superman with all of the known Supermans I have seen in a long time.
    Was it George or Steve in the 50s - I was only about 15 in 1960 when as many other boys played Superman with a towel around my neck as it draped behind my shoulders and back when flying thru the home - broke my collarbone going over the couch - I guess I still had a lot of understudy to do.
    But there was another Superman in the 40s?
    Great production of this show. Thank you US_Marine_Hoorah.
    Bud Wood
    September 25, 2009
    By budcwoodjr626 years ago