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    The strongest army in the history of mankind


    by us_army_courage

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    By DESheffield2nd_USA7 years ago
    "America is the most benevolent force in the history of the world, we send our best young men and women to die in far away lands to protect other people's freedoms, and we never take anything, no land, nothing in return."

    What a big joke.
    It just your one-sided point of view... there are always political and economical stuff behind these interventions.
    But it is right american army is the most powerful, with the biggest budget allowed. But I don't think it's for long. Chinese army will surpass American army in some years, I think.
    And one more thing... perhaps the greatest army on earth, but not the more efficient. And there is one thing on God's Earth stronger than American army : the Earth itself !
    By syracien8 years ago
    Awesome stuff man.
    By InfiniteJusticeComes8 years ago
    information confidentielle
    i am ok with this, this is true, and it is the army that have the best strategies on the battlefield
    Blackwinter2 the US Army is unparalleled, you talk of great numbers of troops and tanks the Soviets had (of which they lost 26 million people for their strategic gains, that is not the result of a good or intelligent military fighting), by that rationale the Chinese army would be the world's most powerful since they have a 4.4 million man standing army, but that is not the case. The US military is the most technologically advanced, best integrated, most professional fighting machine in the history of the world. No one can compare, not the Soviets at their height, not the Chinese, not the Indians, not anyone.

    Russian weapons are inferior, and the USA has a 60 year strategic technological advantage in aerospace and weapons program development. Bad news to our enemies, America is not going anywhere, we will remain a superpower for a very, very long time. And thank God for that!

    By us_army_courage8 years ago
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