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    Britney Spears - Live from Miami - Outrageous

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    REF.: Outrageous … When I move my body
    Outrageous … When I'm at a party
    Outrageous … In my sexy jeans
    Outrageous … When I'm on the scene
    Outrageous … My sex drive
    Outrageous … My shoppin' spree
    Outrageous … We on a world tour
    Outrageous … Let's be it, girl … Outrageous

    Sexy as I wanna be, got these fellas chasin' me
    It's 'bout time I hit the streets
    All my girls still feelin' me
    B girl ain't lost the beat
    Jumped over drama and I landed on my feet
    Gotta keep goin', No stoppin' me
    And if you don't like it, then la la la la la la la

    We are over here
    Comin' to ya like a world premiere
    Trench coat and my underwear
    Let's go with this freak show

    REF.: It's outrageous … When I move my body

    I just wanna be happy, in a place where love is free
    Can you take me there
    Somebody, ooh
    And when you mention my name
    Make sure you know the truth, yeah
    Until I vow to keep it forever

    REF.: Outrageous … When I move my body …