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    Damsel In...This Dress

    Rhe De Ville

    by Rhe De Ville

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    Teaser piece for pitching my tv show concept based on the real-life of a 'Rich Little Poor Girl" surviving, yet thriving, in New York City.
    Original Story by Rhe De Ville

    DAMSEL IN THIS DRESS is the REAL New York story everyone wants to know, based upon the real-life of a present-day ritzy, glitzy and glamorous New York City torch singer that, in reality, is one of the 'Have-Nots', a starving artist. Her goal is not only to survive big-ticket Manhattan, but also to appear affluent in the land of the 'Have-Lots", where her profession needs her to be.

    Hired to entertain the chic social gatherings of Manhattan's elite, her one 'life' exists in the glossy A-list crowd. She mingles effortlessly and cavorts comfortably among this high society; accepted without question. However, this reality is fleeting, as her other ‘life’ unveils the extreme challenges she faces just in order to sing for her supper. While navigating both ends of the NYC social spectrum, teased by each extreme of her realities, she discovers the surprising, clever similarities and ironic parallels between the seemingly distant lives of New York City’s have-lots and have-nots.

    Her eternal optimism, passionate ambition, fierce integrity, and unorthodox creativity show a whimsical, lighthearted and rose-colored slant on what could otherwise be viewed as a tarnished Manhattan; that dreams, aspirations and goals in life can all be eventually achieved, as long as we keep believing and, most of all, laughing.

    ps: I would love for Diane Keaton to see this. Hopefully she would also remember my being her stand-in for 3 months on Woody Allen's Manhattan Murder Mystery...She may relate to this story as I've been told she started her career off as a NYC jazz/lounge singer.
    Edited by Scott Schedivy & Willy Airaldi
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