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    Audiosurf Presentation Video

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    Finally here it is! The maybe not so really official... erm... Audiosurf Pres... Aw, common it's your fault that... OK. It's random stuff and I hope that you've got some lulz. Made this one in a couple of hours. Sorry, for the bad microphone quality.

    If you didn't understand everything what I said read my notice AFTER WATCHING the video:

    "First of all... if you ask yourself „what kind of character should I use?"
    To be honest... all kinds of character suck but the Ninja mono Pro. And you suck too if you decide to use a different character. But why?

    To play a character which is based on colors you need to use your BRAIN. And that IS stupid, because it's clever. Trusting on your reflexes is A far better gameplay experience.
    When you are using a mono character easier than the elite version you might have a grey block phobia. Consult your next couch doctor or your mommy.

    And what is the best input device? Use your mouse unless you're suffering under Parkinson's disease. Use it with your hands... or put a glove on... or play with fresh shit on your finger. Use it the way you feel the most comfortable.

    After choosing a song you definitively need to be the best. Everybody who's better than you is a cheater. Do never forget! And they are not cheating because they've got a small dicks. No... They use a small crappy audio device and can't compare with your 4000$ THX system.

    Keep playing a track until you reached the top. At every cost..."