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    The Sandman 2nd: “The Sandman”


    by TJ

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    MP3/Download can be found here in the description page:

    Up To Date As Of 3/15/2008
    Title: “The Sandman”
    Length: 2:56
    Featured Artist(s): None
    Wrestler(s)/Stable(s): The Sandman
    Company(s): WWE
    Album(s): None
    Status: Full

    Props to, wikipedia, James “Jim” Alan Johnston & other wrestling entrance theme seekers out there. This is non profitable and just my way of sharing wrestling themes/songs that are scarce, and or hard to find with other pro wrestling enthusiasts. Apologies to those I have not properly credited. Enjoy.

    *My* Sandman Theme Anthology:

    1. “Enter Sandman” [Metallica]

    2. “The Sandman”

    Unused/unreleased/fan made/fake/misc:

    “Cave Rat” [ECW One Night Stand 2005 DVD dub over theme]

    Apologies if my info/sources may differ from yours. It happens sometimes. I mostly concentrate on a wrestlers singles themes rather than their tag/stables. If you want to discuss/correct it with me or send me a better/full quality version of a song (I will credit) then please do so.