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    TOKIO HOTEL-Marseille-(14/03/08)-II-Annonce Bill Malade


    par Miss_Tahiti

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    "You probably already understood in so far as you all speak German very good.
    Bill wanted to tell you that SHE has lost HER voice, and that SHE cannot sing anymore, unfortunately.
    SHE does apologize.
    SHE hopes that you had a very good time tonight and... well... so it is..."
    The concert went normally on for a few more songs. But Bill did not sing all the remaining songs. He then sollicited the audience to sing some parts of the songs that were far too shrill for him.
    It was really amazing to see and hear all these people sing and the end of the concert was not spoiled at all, quite the reverse !
    Thank you Bill, you have made us have such a good time !
    (Further to the concert in Marseilles, it was confirmed that Bill is suffering from a very bad laryngitis, European concerts have been cancelled.)