Dr Jekyll and Ms Hyde Transformation Sequences


by Allison

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I took the time (upon request from a friend) to compile all of the male-female (and reverse) transformation scenes in the 1995 comedy version of "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" (aptly titled "Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde.").

In this movie, scientist Dr. Richard Jacks (Tim Daly), inherits the scientific journals of his great-grandfather, who turns out to be one Dr. Henry Jekyll. In an attempt to isolate the chromosome that is responsible for one's evil, and adds estrogen to make it a little less evil, he creates a serum...and drinks it. And just when he didn't think it would work...along comes smarmy corporate shark, Helen Hyde (Sean Young), his "Dark side."

This is essentially a "Bad Movie," but I saw it recently, and fell in love with it (I've always liked Tim Daly sine Wings, but I've never liked Sean Young - especially since I saw "Ace Ventura").

Enjoy - more clips from the movie to come!!


Tres bien !! ... ,,,,,.......
By fluffy199 3 years ago
Why are you wasting your talent on dailymotion? btw check out my pics!! ;))
By lovelygirl20111 3 years ago
Thank you Mick!!!

Grant likes the part where his boss, Oliver Mintz, says "Mr. Monkey wants to play!" I have too many favorite parts, and all of them involve the transformation scenes, especially the first time Richard finds himself in lingerie.

I love the fact that he figured the experiment didn't work, and went to his job interview, but if it didn't, the movie would have been over right then and there. What cracks me up is that he becomes Helen at the most inopportune times.
By Allison 6 years ago
Haha, wow this is your 100th video youve posted.
"im not a rat, but who else could i test this on"?
Yeah!, that makes sense.
By HumanGumboProductions 6 years ago