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    Mama - I Have Seen the Angels !


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    More moor-stone than stoner, surreal funereal Spook speaks Manna-mannered memorial monolith monologue, ANGELically DEMON(ca)strating eight-year-old Alex(sl)ander Percy's Technique via PBB and this text of November 17 1835 :

    "Mama, I have seen the Angels - I was playing the organ at the Church. It was quite dark. I had only a candle by me. I shuddered and felt a coldness in my cheeks. I could hardly see the page and had to gasp for breath. I was going to cry and looked back hastily. I - I - saw them in the dark, standing just at my back, quite white and very high. They reached to the roof and looked down on me smiling like spirits. There were a great many of them and one had his hand on the seat behind me. It pointed its finger to the paper on the keyboard and the others waved their wings impatiently. I - I - couldn't speak - so - I began to play and played far better than ever I did before, but I don't know what I did. They all sighed and stooped down their heads from high - white and solemn."