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La Conciergerie

il y a 10 ans240 views

Have you ever visited one of those cities that are steeped in history and renowned for its monuments, its specialities and its culture?

Now, it's time for you to become a legend!

Paris Authentic offers you the chance to fully experiment the French way of life with personal tours in Paris.

"Blue, White and Red" in colour, in a perfect state and completely secured, our 2 CV cars by Citroen will allow you a nostalgic come back into the history of Paris.

No doubt, this is the most known and stylish French car.

Try out the privacy and conviviality of the car while enjoying this unforgettable moment.
Thanks to the soft roof of our citroen 2 CV, you will get a panoramic view on all the monuments:

The Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Louvre Museum, Montmartre, Versailles and, of course, the most famous avenue Les Champs Elysées...

Paris has opened up to the skies...

Now, sit back, relax and our friendly French personal chauffeur will be pleased to tell you many anecdotes on parisian life...

Choose amongst our various tours, excursions and options: Discover the City of lights opened up to the skies with Paris by night, Romantic Paris, Versailles excursion, Montmartre hill or simply enjoy a unique trip to satisfy your curiosity.