The reason we are free


by General

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Freedom is not free, it exists only where strong people confront, defeat and keep bad men at bay. The world is free thanks to the USA despite what the anti-American leftist, pro-terrorist media propaganda pretends incessantly.


The song is "Shadow on the Sun" from Audioslave.
By General 6 years ago
yo man Fayz u got fuckin owned man if i were you i would shut the fuck up man semper fi all the way
By adam17773 6 years ago
great video i agree with what you said us_marine_hoorah

ps:could you tell me the name of the song please???
By Thomas Givaudant 7 years ago
Its good to see more people with a clear mind like US_Marine_Hoorah, this war is so much beyond the idea of oil and resources, a great book to read is Generation Kill it shows the modern day trials of a US Marine, right now the Iraq public feels if we pull out we will be betraying them by giving them the courage to stand up to first their dictator government and now the insurgency, we gave them the protection and help they needed to start their own democracy and be able to once again live freely in the world
By Shawn 7 years ago
Stop listening to leftist propaganda, that includes much of the media by-the-way. I will agree with you that President Bush has done a bad job explaining exactly what we're doing to the world, and this void has been filled by what anti-American, terrorist-supporters wanted you to believe. The fact is that Afghanistan and Iraq are not two separate wars... they are ONE war against Radical Islam and their fanatic followers. The world has been under attack for decades by these vermin and we keep retreating, we keep bowing to them. 9/11 was an act of war, this is a 21st Century religious World War called Global Jihad or the Global War on Terrorism. Thanks to our presence in the Middle East Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are now in civil wars fighting the very islamist elements they themselves created (and which we used against the USSR in Afghanistan back in 1979), Lybia stopped its nuclear program and Iran suspended it, stop believing in the leftist slogans, reality is more complicated.
By General 7 years ago
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