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    Cary Grant & Irene Dunn on Hot Honeymoon in Penny Serenade

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    The iconic Cary Grant stars alongside the beautiful Irene Dunn in Penny Serenade in a heart piercing classic drama. Grant and Dunn play a married couple on top of the world when tragedy strikes their honeymoon: an earthquake occurs, injuring Dunn such that she can’t bear children. Grant and Dunn suffer bitterly, but all the while they continue to be hopeful and joyful as best they can. Eventually, they turn to adoption, but life only gets harder. Grant and Dunn are such masterful actors that this hyper-dramatic story never gets uncomfortable, and is also still humorous. Contrary to being overdramatic, Grant and Dunn easily make the viewer feel as if they were just sharing their beautiful and tragic secrets with a close friend. Penny Serenade is a blossoming of touching moments and soaring emotions, the caliber that only two pros like Grant and Dunn could pull off.