Wedding with Stacy Keibler and David Flair

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Wedding of Stacy Keibler/David Flair, WCW Monday Nitro 9/11/00


If That's Fake, I don't Even Know What The F*CK Is, All Bet My Two Cents That Guy Isn't Really a Priest, I'll Bet that He's an Actor that they Hired, I'll Bet Those Two Guys In Suits And Ties And Those Police Officers Aren't Really Them, I'll Bet They're Also Actors Too. Also I thought That Tony S. was going to say a swear word.
By Mightywoman316 September
RIP Bryan "Crush" Adams
By wonryan 6 years ago
LOL....Ric Flair with the spiky hair. He was such a good sport to have his son, David, and Vince Russo shave his head the June prior to this. He really needed a haircut.
By wonryan 6 years ago
Double A looks soooooo much like my dad its scary.
By dave ross 6 years ago
Stacy is still Pretty in WCW and WWE.
By Jessy Leppert 7 years ago
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