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    Ai7 Top12 Part10 David A.


    by igrecman

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    The studio version is very good, too bad the performance was obviously a mess. He sounded like he had a cold as well. Good thing KLC was so bad, that way he wasn't the worst of teh week...
    By Maryutah7 years ago
    That was a hot mess. Wow! I couldn't stop laughing. On a positive note at least he soldered on rather than stopping and starting again, something i can't say about Brooke in the latest American idol episode.
    By Ugoeze8 years ago
    He only forgot the lyrics three times! He's the most talented in season 7!
    By daisyhero098 years ago
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    By Fessan7258 years ago
    I think with all the bad things (and there were a LOT) he actually did very well. Nice voice
    By janemylow8 years ago
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