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    Link's Phantom Hourglass Adventures Episode 1


    by LinksxPHAxTeam

    Lik's Phantom Hourglass Adventures Episode 1: The Deadly Battle: Bellum, Possessed Ghost Ship!

    Cast: LinksxPHAxTeam as: Link, the Hero of Time! and Linebeck, the lazy sailor dude

    Bellum as: Himself

    Plot: Link, as the Hero of Time, must band together with Linebeck and Ciela to bring down Bellum, Possessed Ghost Ship, but Link soon ditches his duties, and heads off to the Temple of the Ocean King, in an attempt to beat his clear time and get the Ancient Cannon, as well as more Rupees

    Legal crap: Link's PHA belongs to the LinksxPHAxTeam, and the LoZ: PH belongs to Nintendo of America Inc.