The Montreal Screwjob WWE side of the story

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john evans
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HBK is an asshole, plain and simple. Bret didn't deserve it, he didn't wanna lose that night, he was okay with dropping it the next night to HBK, Austin or Ken Shamrock, and Vince told him he could do that. Vince is a sick man who ruined so many people's lives
By gary9589 5 years ago
A gutsy thing for HBK to do ? Bullshit. These bastards screwed Bret, a man who had been faithful to the company for 12 - 13 years. Bret deserved better. HBK who then refused to put over Austin, and had to be threatened by the Undertaker to put Austin over or face the punishment was the person these idiots view as a professional. Sell that shit to the idiots who believe your BS, Vince not to those who know you for the lying piece of trash you are.
By blakdreamer 6 years ago