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    Mabel's Dream - Stumptown Jazz 2002

    bob erwig

    by bob erwig

    Mabel’s Dream –Stumptown Jazz 2002
    Since my early years involved in jazz I loved King Oliver’s 1923 recording of Mabel’s Dream. My highschool buddy Eduard Rahusen had picked up the trombone and we both went to listen to the famous Joop Postma Jass Band, a local band in Bussum, the Netherlands, that played in the Oliver style. Eduard was asked to join the band and I still remember how Joop would sit together with Eduard in his backyard and teach him the priciples of Honore’s trombone playing and particularily the tune Mabel’s Dream. Unfortunately I never seriously played this tune until I joined Stumptown Jazz in the late nineties. We added it to our repertoire and to my surprise I received a video in the mail where this tune was actually recorded during a concert we did for a jazzclub in Milwaukie, Oregon in January 2002.
    This is not a common tune in the repertoire of many bands. It has several parts and it needs a bit of remembering. Crazy enough we had not played with the band for a year and for some reason or another it was thrown in the program.
    I’m actually surprised how it came out. Here and there a bit rusty maybe, but I like the overall atmosphere. I miss these guys.
    Bob Erwig cornet, Phil Hatton clarinet, Rex Rice trombone, leader Gary Peterson piano, Dave Brown banjo, John Wallin tuba and Bill Franklin drums.
    I just posted the Oliver recording on my new youtube erwigaudio site.
    The masters are hard to even come close to.