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    Cushion Foot Stomp - Clarence Williams

    bob erwig

    by bob erwig

    Cushion Foot Stomp – Clarence Williams and his Washboard Five 1927
    Williams started a music publishing business with violinist/bandleader Armand J. Piron 1915, which by the 1920s was the leading African-American owned music publisher in the country. He toured briefly with W.C. Handy, set up a publishing office in Chicago, then settled in New York in the early 1920s He supervised African-American recordings (Race Series) for New York offices of Okeh phonograph company in the 1920s; He was responsible for recruiting many of the artists who performed on that label. He also recorded extensively, leading studio bands frequently for OKeh, Columbia and occasionally other record labels. He was the recording director for the short-lived QRS Records label in 1928. Most of his recordings were songs from his publishing house, which explains why he recorded tunes like Cushion Foot Stomp numerous times.
    He mostly used "Clarence Williams' Jazz Kings" for his hot orchestra sides and "Clarence Williams' Washboard Five" for his washboard sides.

    In this Okeh recording from April 13, 1927 he uses Ed Allen cornet, Buster Baily clarinet, himself piano and vocal, Cyrus St.Clair blowbass, ans Floyd Casey washboard

    I have played this tune in the sixties as well, but here is another band giving their version of the tune