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    Dragon Ball Z Opening 2 Subbed


    by ParanoiaAgent100

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    Requested by Blaze Naruto

    see it coming down, all over town, it's chaos
    There's no time for me to be afraid
    Raise the excitement now and be the king of your mountain
    Be the king now, it's a masquerade, so it's made...

    Things you want that you can't touch, but you know
    One day you will hold that special feel that make you a man

    No-Ten, P-Kan
    I can feel the sky so blue
    I'm so down right, see that I'm so cool
    Playing them all, trouble calls
    Don't you know, I take them all
    We Gotta Power, Dragon Ball Z

    No-Ten, P-Kan
    The time is now to wisen up
    Feel the strength come right up from your gut
    You know the world is now, coming down
    To changing times, we'll show them how
    We Gotta Power, Dragon Ball Z

    Special Thanks to: BlazeNaruto for keeping this

    Dragon Ball Z belongs to: Toei Animation, Akira Toriyama, and Funimation.