Pat Metheny Group - The Gathering Sky

Vera Narishkin
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The Pat Metheny Group is a jazz band founded in 1977. The first Pat Metheny Group release, 1978's "Pat Metheny Group", featured the writing duo of Pat Metheny and pianist Lyle Mays, a collaboration which would span over 25 years and 15 albums. The recording featured the bass playing of Jaco Pastorius bass protégé Mark Egan. The second group album, American Garage (1980), was a breakout hit, reaching #1 on the Billboard Jazz chart and crossing over onto the pop charts as well, largely on the strength of the up-tempo opening track "(Cross the) Heartland" which would become a signature tune for the group. This early incarnation of the group included Dan Gottlieb (drums) and Mark Egan (bass).

The group built upon its success through constant touring across the USA and Europe. The early group featured a unique sound, particularly due to Metheny's Gibson ES-175 guitar and Mays' Oberheim and Sequential Circuits Prophet V synthesizers and Steinway piano. Even in this early state the band played in a wide range of styles from folk to rock to experimental. Metheny later started working with the Roland GR300 guitar synthesizer and the Synclavier guitar system made by New England Digital. Mays expanded his setup with the Synclavier keyboard and later with many other synthesizers.

From 1982 to 1985 the Pat Metheny Group released Offramp (1982), a live set Travels (1983), and First Circle (1984), as well as The Falcon and the Snowman (1985), a soundtrack album for the movie of the same name in which they collaborated with David Bowie. A single from the soundtrack, 'This Is Not America', reached number 14 in the British Top 40 in early 1985 as well as number 32 in the USA.

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I love the HD quality of this video!! It really highlights the phenomenal talent of Pat, Lyle, Antonio, Steve and supporting crew.... especially my kindred drummer Antonio Sanchez!! Bravo, Antonio!! You speak so fluently the language I seek to learn each time I sit behind my set. Thank You, Vierotchka for posting this exquisite example of your fine musical taste!!
Par 60miles Il y a 5 ans
un chantte ;;;; tres merci
Par mesut onal Il y a 6 ans
it's like a Dave Grusin.
Par booking-off Il y a 7 ans
un grand merci !!!! depuis le temps que je la cherchais !!! superbe morceau magique .....
Par vito andolini corleone Il y a 7 ans