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    True ladies

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    von arbusto

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    the main intention is to provoke people to write intelligent comments
    Von arbustoVor 9 Jahren
    foolish vid, no meanig of it, uploaders should have a cause for the vids to show them to others.
    Von jnathanVor 9 Jahren
    @RobertDeRosny: hell, i just needed a host for this insignificant little vid ... no big intentions behind it, don't be paranoid
    Von arbustoVor 11 Jahren
    nothing more than a harmless bunch of friendly ladyboys, hence "true ladies" -- or do you need a more elaborate explanation?
    Von arbustoVor 11 Jahren
    Benjamin BEJBAUM
    at this point, we don't know if arbusto had good or bad intentions on this post..
    Von Benjamin BEJBAUMVor 11 Jahren
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