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    2008 Spain - Rodolfo Chikilicuatre


    por Galiza

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    celle en rose et conne lol
    Por ajaxHace 7 años
    viva espagna y el chiki chiki
    Por sk8tmanHace 8 años
    jajaja mazo bo fixo k gañamos
    wen video
    Por kristian90Hace 8 años
    Perrea, perrea!(persona little worker) chiqui-chiqui mola mogollon, (foking pleases amount) dance it in China and also in Alcorcon.(city of Spain) Dale chiqui-chiqui to that colored person, who chiqui-chiqui puts it very idiot dances Rajoy, to (leader politic Spanish in the opposition) dances Hugo Chavez, (president of Venezuela) dances Zapatero, (president of Spain) my master, already your knows! They dance brothers, (friends Hispanic) it dances my brother, it dances my mulata with the panties in the hand! And chiqui-chiqui dances asi: 1! BREIKINDANCE!(breakdance) The 2! CRUSAITO (it dances of the Caribbean) 3! MAIQUEL YASON (Michael Jacson) 4! The ROBOCOP!(starring of film) It dances chiqui-chiqui, it dances chiqui-chiqui, they also dance heavys (heavy metal) and frikis!( They dance it in carcel, dance it in the school, my mother also dances and my grandmother! Puma with its suit to rays sings the tiger and Juan Carlos (King of Spain) says to him: Because you do not shut up yourself?
    Por txaumeHace 8 años
    Es Grandioso xD
    Por Rising_runnersHace 8 años