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    Alex Wright vs Paul Roma


    by TSteck160

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    Steve Rogers
    LOL Paul Roma
    By Steve Rogers5 years ago
    Nearly 16 years later, Roma still hasn't been seen on live TV.
    By tuworkzz5 years ago
    Jack Smith
    I agree, Wright was a promising, talented undercard worker who deserved to be presented as a hot midcard prospect. Roma was way out of line here and thoroughly deserved to be fired. Who is Roma to have an ego about jobbing to anyone?
    By Jack Smith7 years ago
    There's no excuse for roughing someone up in the ring just because you feel he's not deserving of a push. That's not professional at all and besides he already had a very good match with HHH at Starrcade 94 a few months prior.
    By Stinger19817 years ago
    2 things: one, did alex wright ever pay dues. here's a kid who's given this push fresh out the box, he's on ppv, why not ruff him up a little bit and make him look that much better for coming out victorious. Sure Paul Roma should've sold a lot better, but c'mon, alex wright should have gotten no easy touches on ppv. two, doesn't paul roma kinda resemble chris masters. its only appropriate that he's partnered up with paul orndoff, the 80's version of chris masters.
    By pr0lif8 years ago
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