Can we stop getting old - reverse ageing? New research ...

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  • Add to Some animals do not get old in normal way. No evidence of ageing process in some rockfish, humpback whales. New research suggests may be possible one day to slow down or reverse ageing process. Adult stem cells already in use to rebuild worn out tissue. Video by Dr Patrick Dixon author of Futurewise.Science of ageing. How to stop getting old. Medical research into physiology of ageing. How cells get old. Tissue regeneration of heart, muscle, retina, spine, brain and other organs. Repair of tissue damage. Organ regeneration. Cure for blood pressure? New facelift therapy? Humpback whales, Rockfish Project and slow ageing in turtles and parrots. Human impact of anti-aging therapy. Social impact of living longer. Impact on longevity forecasts for life insurance and pensions risk. Cure for deafness and cure for macular degeneration.

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