L. Coryell, A. Di Meola, B. Lagrène "Live at Montreux 1989"

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"Live at Montreux"
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Live At Montreux 1989

Super Guitar Trio brings together three legends of jazz guitar: Larry Coryell, Al Di Meola & Biréli Lagrène. These three virtuoso musicians have collaborated at various times in their career but this concert from 1989 comes from the only tour they have done together as a trio. They perform a mixture of tracks from each of their solo repertoire plus special arrangements of some of their favourite tracks by other artists. For jazz musicians playing at Montreux is always a highlight and the three guitarists are clearly inspired by playing together in the unique Montreux atmosphere.

Track Listing

1) PSP No.II

2) Tango Suite (for two guitars)

3) Orient Blue Suite / Traces Of A Tear

4) Musette De Paris Avec La Rue Dupierre No.5

5) Waltz

6) Braziliance

7) No Mystery

8) Spain

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It's too bad that it can't be heard.There's no sound at all.
Par Zhyme il y a 4 ans