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    彗星 / Salyu


    booking-off より

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    domo i can t speak japanese i m sorry but i love this singer she s really grt and talented i love mostly all the song she did in " riri shushu no subete"grt movie i don t understand what she said in this video i guess it may be about the old way that men use to treat woman or something anyway the video s good gambatte salyu lol ; )
    ユーザー名 fran8 年前
    lov salyu she s great with a great voice and she s beautiful
    cannot understand what she said but i m sure it s clever the video remains me of a game called incredible crisis on ps1
    i m looking for song in connection with the movie all about lily chou chou especially erotic = )
    et j espere parler japonais peut etre dans ma prochaine vie =)
    ユーザー名 fran8 年前
    DJ Highpriest
    Great music and video. I remember seeing this at Namba Station, Osaka, May 2005. Thanks for the memory!
    ユーザー名 DJ Highpriest8 年前