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    Monarch Chapter 5C- False Memory Syndrome Foundation and S

    Ghis 1964

    by Ghis 1964

    Chapter 5C False Memory Syndrome Foundation and SRA The False Memory Syndrome Foundation was created and staffed by CIA psychiatrists such as Dr. Martin T.Orne, a founding member of the FMSF and a CIA funded researcher into experimental psychiatry at the Univ. of Penn. Raph Underwager is the world authority on FMS,and has claimed that most women molested as children said the experience was good for them. The executive directors of the FMSF are Paul and Shirley Eberlie,who ran the tabloid FINGER in the 1970's which delved into S&M, child/adult sex, and sex acts involving excrement. Their daughter has accused them of abusing her as a child. The FMSF was set up as a cover for CIA sponsored mind control experiments outside of the laboratory. It is staffed and led by pedophiles and CIA psychiatrists to discredit victims of SRA as they come forward. The author of much of this material is Alex Constantine. I acknowledge his heroic work and though he is not associated with this production, has inspired me, and it is from him I draw much of the research. Please read his books. The books with supporting info are free at (blog)