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    Zoom into a Leaf

    John Sizemore

    by John Sizemore

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    Andi Bakiaj
    bas bas
    By Andi Bakiaj2 years ago
    Anna Carlson
    This video is perfect to introduce our 7th graders to levels of organization in plants but our school blanket blocks the site I can't do anything about this. They allow us to use YouTube with some restrictions. Would you be willing to post this video on YouTube or is there a way I could download it onto my computer? It is really a beautiful and amazing video. Thanks.
    By Anna Carlson2 years ago
    super bonne heh :)) ,,,.........
    By sabrina_bach5 years ago
    You deserve a lot more views than you have. btw check out my pics!! :))
    By girlysweety5 years ago
    Poldi Joe
    By Poldi Joe5 years ago
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