The Future Of Mind Control and Weapons 3-3

Ghis 1964

by Ghis 1964



" yeeeahhh thank you very much for it.. now i go to
By ambesaeeeety 5 years ago
okay looks like 2 of my previous 3 show up now. how odd. anyways -- just in case it doesn't end up here -- i simply said to beleive all of it is possible, to not want it and beleive you can block it -- erects a firewall :)
By xpresitnet 6 years ago
okay this is odd my comments are not showing up now. hopefully its just a glitch and they appear later. lol
By xpresitnet 6 years ago
Target: person who is wise to the possibilities. Action: level 1 - fear, self doubt, low self esteem, disbelief, procrastination, lethargic. SYNTAX ERROR: High Vibration Firewall, unable to penetrate. Recommendation: ERROR. NO RECOMMENDATION ON FILE. RESULT UNEXPECTED.
By xpresitnet 6 years ago