The Future Of Mind Control and Weapons 3-3

Ghis 1964
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mind control, microwave and scalar wave weapons, surveillance, free energy, tesla, psychotronics, brain
programming, electromagnetics, electrogravity, frequency and vibration, computers, mathematics, science,
technology, miniaturization, weather modification, dudding of electronics, melting of metal, tesla shields,
neutralizing biological, chemical and nuclear weapons, telepathy, psychic surgery.
technologies that can read our minds, control our minds and wipe out all life on earth.
Added: 05/12/06


" yeeeahhh thank you very much for it.. now i go to
By ambesaeeeety 5 years ago
okay looks like 2 of my previous 3 show up now. how odd. anyways -- just in case it doesn't end up here -- i simply said to beleive all of it is possible, to not want it and beleive you can block it -- erects a firewall :)
By xpresitnet 6 years ago
okay this is odd my comments are not showing up now. hopefully its just a glitch and they appear later. lol
By xpresitnet 6 years ago
Target: person who is wise to the possibilities. Action: level 1 - fear, self doubt, low self esteem, disbelief, procrastination, lethargic. SYNTAX ERROR: High Vibration Firewall, unable to penetrate. Recommendation: ERROR. NO RECOMMENDATION ON FILE. RESULT UNEXPECTED.
By xpresitnet 6 years ago