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    Crime, Love, and Parole! Parolee Must Follow ...

    Both crime drama and romance, and a fascinating look at parole in the 1930s, Convict’s Code is a highly entertaining classic film. Robert Kent stars as Dave Tyler, a football player framed for a crime he didn’t commit and sent to prison. Upon getting out, the weight of his ex-con and current parolee status weighs on his ability to reintegrate into society. Then, things get ever so complicated for Tyler: he falls in love with a beautiful woman who can never know of his record, and that woman happens to be the sister of the gangster who framed him! The heartfelt romance is ever prickled by the spikes of sinister crime and the ever looming prison that always seem to follow Tyler wherever he goes. Convict’s Code is a tale of love and sorrow, as well as redemption.