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    "New Orleans Joys" by Jelly Roll Morton - Lino Patruno

    Michael Supnick

    per Michael Supnick

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    Oscar Klein (trumpet)
    Bruno Longhi (clarinet
    Luciano Invernizzi (trombone)
    Lino Patruno (guitar)

    Ettore Zeppegno (piano)
    Gregor Beck (drums)

    Oscar Klein (born January 5, 1930 in Graz, Austria; died December 12, 2006 in Baden-Württemberg) was an Austrian born jazz trumpeter who also played clarinet, harmonica, and swing guitar. His family fled the Nazis when he was young. He became known for "older jazz" like swing and Dixieland. He played with Lionel Hampton, Joe Zawinul, and others. In 1996 he was honored by then President Thomas Klestil.