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    MIKA - Ring ring & Stuck in the Middle


    par Michael

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    MIKA -
    Ring Ring & Stuck in the Middle

    I will sit down on the fence
    and i thought that i would kiss you
    i never thought i would of missed you
    but you never let me fall
    push my back against the wall
    everytime you call, you get so emotional
    im freaking out

    Ring Ring
    Is that you on the phone
    you think your clever
    but you never saying nothing at all
    hey hey
    the way you spin me around
    you make my busy when you play me
    like a kid with a crown

    you got a dangerous obsession
    now im i need of some protection
    that was never my intention
    used to love me, now you hate me
    say i drove you crazy
    well if i did you made me
    wont somebody save me, from you now

    {au Refrain}

    its words i wanted
    until you blasted
    why wont you leave me alone
    hang up the phone
    just let me go

    {au Refrain, x2}

    Ring Ring {x3}