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Children of Iraq - Beyond Thunderdome !!!

10 years ago546 views

Warning: This Video contains images that are not suitable for Children. Viewing is recommended for Mature Audiences Only !
President Bush has stated that the situation in Iraq is unacceptable, and that where mistakes have been made… the ‘responsibility’ lays with him. So it should !!!
Prior to Invading Iraq, millions of people around the world, told President Bush what the consequences of Invading Iraq would be. He chose to ignore those consequences… and as a result, it is estimated that hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi Civilians are now dead… millions have been injured (many ‘critically’)… and many (including Children) are imprisoned behind barbed-wire!
Yes… President Bush should be held ‘responsible’… and he should be held ‘accountable’ in front of an International Court, where he is charged with extremely serious Crimes against Peace and Humanity !
The situation for the Iraqi People is worse now, than it was under Saddam Hussein… and there is every possibility that it will continue to get worse for as long as Coalition Forces remain in that country.
The People of Iraq deserve their Freedom and Dignity… and they need the International Community to Unite in Peace in order to help them achieve it.
All people, irrespective of their nationality or beliefs, have a right to live their lives in peace, with dignity… and it is important for all of us to work together, toward that goal. If we allow others to live without ‘dignity’… we ourselves are undeserving of a dignified existence !
Peace will be achieved through ‘negotiation’… not through ‘bloodshed’ !
Impeach President Bush… Bring the Troops home… and let us as civilised human beings, work together toward a ‘peaceful world’ for everyone !
Music in this Video is a remix of the Tina Turner song… We don’t need another hero ! (Nor for that matter, do we need more bloodshed !)