Memosium (extrait / (Excerpt))

Louis Dupont

par Louis Dupont

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Memosium (Excerpt)
Memosium is composed like a concerto in three movements. Camera, body and space have their own tempo but all are played simultaneously. Story seems amnesic from its shots and characters. Events reiterate themselves infinitely. We are in a time of repetition. Then, all needs to be started again, stressed by the circular arrangement of space. Prisoner of its own memory. Moreover, the acceleration and geometrical multiplication of movement, the complexity of character‚s activities, their mathematical cutting and the infinite re-arrangement of the body give to the spectator a new awareness of time, without given limits. Only flight (death ?) may allow to escape this imprisonment time.

Distributeur :
Collectif Jeune Cinema

Musique Damien Salançon

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