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    Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton


    by Microcinema

    From Japan to the United States, the LV sign stands upon increasingly bigger, gigantic stores. One man alone designs the brand's creation: Marc Jacobs. There is a striking contrast between the extremely formal structure of giant Vuitton and Jacobs's extremely laidback attitude. Hired in 1998, confident and media-wary, he has invented Vuitton's ready-to-wear line, and turned over the world of luxury with limited series of handbags designed by contemporary artists. Marc Jacobs stands at the center of this globalized organization. He is recognized as one of the most potent of taste and trendsetters. Yet, Marc Jacobs neither sketches nor sews… He is no sewing hand, he is an eye of fashion. No camera has ever been allowed to film Vuitton's and Jacob’s creation process. The film unravels an economic and artistic system in a lively manner, keeping up the accuracy of facts and the glamour, with maximum pleasure for the viewer. The narrative stake is not only the classical suspense that builds up before a collection, it is also a demonstration of a new way to make fashion, a very modern mix of chaos and glamour.