George Benson "Live at Montreux 1986"

"Live at Montreux"
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George Benson
Live at Montreux 1986

George Benson is one of the finest guitar players in the history of jazz. Over the years he has worked in many different genres from soul to jazz to blues to pop and achieved success in all of them. He has one of the rare artists who has managed to combine critical acclaim and commercial success in equal measures. A frequent visitor to Montreux (he has performed there 11 times including 2005), George Benson has selected this show from 1986 as the first he would like released. Taken from the height of his commercial success the concert includes classics and hit tracks throughout the set including Lady Love Me (One More Time), Love Ballad, In Your Eyes, Love x Love, 20/20, On Broadway, Turn Your Love Around and Never Give Up On A Good Thing among many more.

Track Listing
1. Feel Like Making Love
2. Off Broadway
3. Weekend In L.A.
4. Omar’s Tune
5. Lady Love Me (One More Time)
6. Love Ballad
7. Moody’s Mood
8. Beyond The Sea
9. Affirmation
10. My Latin Brother
11. Love x Love
12. In Your Eyes
13. The Greatest Love Of All
14. 20/20
15. Never Give Up On A Good Thing
16. Turn Your Love Around
17. Take Five
18. On Broadway

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